Who can be a professional content writer

Many educated people have a doubt, who can be a professional content writer? And How? In content writing field, there is good money if you go by professional way, and today many engineers, MBA persons, English graduates, and professors would like to write on different topics, blogs, articles, and many more as per their interests. And that’s good news for India that still we have power of words, and that is very powerful indeed.

As per my view, there is no particular course run in India to be a professional content writer. But if you have well or 70 to 80% command over English language, you should try this industry. Big players are novice at first. It is not compulsory that person who knows powerful English or can speak fluently English is a good writer. Bear in mind, writing is a skill. That some have by born, and some earn by hard practices.

Some ideas come by your past’ experience, while some from you read something in past, or some from current situation. All these are sources from where ideas of good writing come. Copy & Paste is different thing, while creative writing is unique thing, where you have to immerse in topic or subject, and must use the mind and writing skills.

If you are novice, then don’t go for lengthy content. Even short & sweet content is enough for many topics. Ready good quotes, tag lines of brands, watch TV commercials carefully, read hoardings fixed on the side of road, watch different images over social media sites, watch good English movies with genuine subtitles. Don’t fell shy ever to learn, because once you get master in this filed, you will earn good reputation and money too.

Practice more and more to write articles on different topics. Show them first to your good friends, who can help to improve. In free time, prefer to read your choice’s novel, and other books, or some one’s inspirable autobiography.

No one is perfect, even big writers did small mistakes, so take it easy, but care maximum to reduce small mistakes as more than two or three small mistakes in one article create a dull impression over readers’ mind. Never feel hesitation to put your experience or practical ideas in content, but it must be relevant. Round & Round writing bore the readers, so go straight if possible. But if the story demands the suspense to carry on, you may go round & round but it has a way to catch the readers till end, if you can do it, you are genius.

Keep Writing!!!!! Have a nice day ahead!!!!


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Value of Content in Today’s Web Industry

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What is Content?

“When we talk about content on the web, I’m really talking about substance.” Wachter-Boettcher knows that online content takes on dozens of different forms, from words to images to video or audio, but it’s the substance within the content that matters. In other words, what tells the viewer/listener/watcher something important? What connects with them?

She also points to the web’s most basic and widely used content: words. “It’s a visual medium in a lot of ways, but we spend a lot of time sharing words online, and I don’t think that’s going to change.” Because written content is so necessary and so pervasive, she points to “writing problems” as often the most significant challenges content-creating organizations face in today’s connected culture.

That’s also why her content strategy sessions often focus on written content, because it’s often the first and most frequent content organizations share online.

What is the Value of Content Today?

Wachter-Boettcher gets straight to the point when asked a question that could have many answers: “The value of content is that we’re able to have relationships.” She cautions organizations to remember that everything they create is meant to connect with “a user, a reader, a customer, a human, a person.”

Within that framework of being able to communicate one-on-one, she lists content’s value as being seen in informing and educating audiences, as well as solving their problems. Substantive content isn’t created because an organization believes it needs more and more content to market itself. Rather, content with substance has value because of the help it provides to the reader.

How Should Organizations Change Their Thinking about Content Creation?

In the rest of her helpful interview, Wachter-Boettcher shares the top mistakes that designers, developers, and organizations tend to make when it comes to content creation, like:

  • Creating purposeless content, i.e. filler content
  • Displaying disorganized content
  • Maintaining useless legacy content
  • Making content inaccessible on multiple devices
  • Not thinking through the company-wide ramifications of a content-based decision

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